The 10 Cheapest RN to BSN Online Programs

This was a difficult list to compile and took a great deal of research. We think universities do not actually appreciate a comparative list like this but here it is. Below is a display of the top 10 cheapest RN to BSN online programs that we have been able to find.

These cost estimates are based on the BSN General Education Units only. The extra lab,book and materials fees are not included, nor the application fees etc. These are the “core” prices here folks.

Naturally, as tuition fees can and do fluctuate, this list will be monitored and updated as we see changes occur.

9 of the 10 schools listed below are NLNAC accredited (A couple are both NLNAC and CCNE accredited as well) but our focus was on NLNAC.

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Western Governors University#1

This one is a little tricky, we LOVE their tuition structure and really rewards the dedicated.
Basically they charge you a flat fee ($3,250) per 6 month term.

So basically the faster you complete it the less you pay. This is a super good deal for those that have a lot of credits they are transferring in AND willing to work hard and take on a huge workload.

Since the average BSN course at WGU take 18 months to complete that comes to $10,100.

So really you can complete this both faster AND cheaper than the other programs on the list.

Read the full bio on Western Governors University

Clarkson College of Nursing#2

Clarkson College is giving us a little difficulty in pinning down their actual costs and we really don’t like ambiguity. Of course the reality is that they are a large college with many different programs and variations and well, variables.

Undergraduate courses at Clarkson cost $428/ credit hour. Rumor on the street is that you can get the requirements down to 23 credits which gives us $9,844. Sure that’s good enough to make this list but we feel it also may be in error.

We are currently re-evaluating Clarkson as one of the 10 cheapest RN to BSN Programs.

You can view a more detailed write up here.

Excelsior College#3

Excelsior impressed me from the first visit.

A FULL blown BSN degree from an RN state will take you 121 credit hours at $355 a credit, that is $42,955.

However, you can test out and transfer work hours as credit and whittle your needs at the college down to 30 credit hours.

Which puts it on this list as #3 coming in at $10,650

Read more about Excelsior College School of Nursing

American Sentinel University#4

30-credit $11,100.

Pima Medical Institute#5


East Carolina University#6

$538 per credit, 30 credits = $16,140

Angelo State University#7

$897 per credit (out of state tuition unless you live in TX), 21 credits = $18,837

FL Hospital College of Health Sciences#8

63 $18,900. total

Middle Tennessee State University#9

$662 per credit (out of state), 30 credits = $19,860

A total of 141 hours are required for graduation, and thirty-seven (37) hours plus NFS 2220 and HLTH 2100 will be posted to the student’s records during the last semester of upper-division nursing work. But first, students holding the RN license must meet general studies requirements. RN Associate Degree graduates may be exempt from some freshmen and sophomore general studies depending upon their year of graduation. (A nursing advisor will assist in determining exact requirements.)

University of Delaware#10

– $1081 per credit (out of state), 30 credits = $32,430